Oklahoma Community Support Coalition, (“OCSC’), is an entity founded by 25 Tulsa organizations, currently working in Northeastern Oklahoma, to address issues that negatively affect our state, cities, communities and families. Issues such as substance abuse, the opioid crisis, mental health, reintegration, mentoring and education are all major stressors to any community. OCSC is committed to making a difference in these areas by offering programs to combat these negative issues.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma is #1 in the nation for incarcerating women and #3 in the nation for incarcerating men. Of those incarcerated, 40% of the men and 70% of the women were diagnosed with mental illness and 55% of prison inmates are considered to have “serious and/or debilitating mental illness.” Additionally, Oklahoma has the 2nd highest rate of mental illness/addiction and suicide is the second leading cause of death for our young people. OSCS is taking a stand because we believe our states is so much better than these statistics.

Collectively, OCSC services over 200,000 residents of the State of Oklahoma. We have been making great strides in decreasing recidivism rates, teen suicides, mental health and human sex trafficking. OCSC tries to provide a holistic approach to healing by providing necessary resources to the community.

Since our initial session with SAMHSA, OCSC members have been trained in Marketing, Behavioral Health and Trauma, as well as coalition setup and governance.

As a collective body, OCSC has been providing resources and services to the community for over 11 years. In a quest to glean ways to be more effective and efficient with our individual organizations, we contacted the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (“SAMHSA”), a requested technical assistance training. Shortly after our initial training session, based on the chemistry of the organizations present, it was suggested by our training instructor that we form a coalition. Thus, OCSC was born.

One of our founding coalition members is EduRec Youth and Family Fun Center. In addition to programs for kids, EduRec has programs that benefit the community such as Food on the Move and Talking Is Teaching. These programs provide an opportunity for food to be brought into a community where no grocery store exists, as well as provide parents with the necessary skills to ensure that their children are ready to enter kindergarten with the appropriate knowledge for them to be successful. EduRec also holds wellness events, financial literacy classes, offers facility rentals for birthday parties, banquets, family reunions, vendor fairs, talent shows and much more at a cost affordable to the community. It has a holistic approach to helping the community and its inhabitants become stronger and better.

Our Mission

The strategy of OCSC is to offer a network of member organizations providing different services to address the holistic needs of the community. We believe that providing services that cater to the mind, body, soul and spirit of those served will help conquer the stressors happening in our State.

OCSC believes that education is the key to reform. The more knowledge and insight shed on the issues holding our State hostage, the more individuals can make choices that will propel us as a community.

Providing the next generation with options is the most promising way to promote change in the community. Mentoring allows OCSC to provide alternative choices for the status quo. Oftentimes, people fall into destructive behaviors because it is learned or familiar. OCSC provides options.

OCSC believes that everyone can benefit from helping to make the lives of others better. Thus, we create opportunities for community involvement in the healing of our State by hosting events which bless and encourage those in need, as well as those fulfilling the need.